Stewardship at Mountain View

Stewardship at Mountain View Church is how we use our God-given gifts; our talents, our time, and our treasure. It is the way we make use of all our resources to carry on Christ’s work in the world. Stewardship is the awareness that all giving – that of ourselves as well as our financial resources – is in response to God’s goodness and generosity.

We believe that as Christian stewards, all that we have belongs to God and that we may acknowledge that fact and demonstrate our faith by returning a portion to Him. The time and talents provided by our members are instrumental to continuing the programs and outreach of our church. Financial support from annual pledges or other gifts from our membership provides almost the entire budget for Mountain View.

Please join us as we share our resources and continue God’s work at Mountain View Church. For more information on Stewardship or other opportunities to further our mission in the world, please contact the church office.

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Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.
— I Timothy 6:18