Schedule a Wedding or Baptism


Baptism is the act of initiation into the Christian faith and into the Christian Church. It is not simply a blessing, but rather a welcoming into the family of faith and the first step in the journey that is the Christian life. It has little meaning if it is unrelated to a firm commitment to the ongoing life of Christian faith.

In the Presbyterian tradition, the sacraments of baptism and communion are almost always celebrated as a part of Sunday morning public worship. Baptism is a sacrament of the church – an act that conveys in a visual, tangible way, the real but invisible grace of God. Whether you are a parent seeking to baptize an infant or young child, or an individual considering taking the step of baptism for yourself, you are encouraged to speak further with one of our pastors or elders to prepare for this profound and significant step in the life of faith.



Weddings can be conducted either in our sanctuary or in other locations as desired. The more notice that can be given ahead of time, the better, and certain times of the year fill quickly for baptisms and weddings, so please schedule well in advance of the event.