Other Groups

Study, Worship and Fellowship groups at Mountain View

Mountain View Presbyterian Church is not just a “Sunday morning”” church. If you look around this website, peruse the bulletin or the monthly newsletter, you’ll see there are lots of ways to get involved at Mountain View. Some of the groups for fellowship, worship, and study are listed below. Finding small groups to be a part of is a great way to become part of God’s church family, and will help make your faith experience an “every day” experience.



The Gabriels are a Deacon-led group whose mission is to make all people feel welcome at Mountain View Presbyterian Church services. We support all welcoming activities, including greeting, ushering, etc. Please email David Black for more information. The Gabriels service calendar is available here. A guide describing in more detail what the Gabriels do, is available here.


Bridge Group

Contact: Carolyn Smith, 480-948-9234


Prayer Chain
Contact: Suzanne Black


Contact: Kate Taylor 480-991-0940


Rummage Sale

Holiday Boutique
Contact: Berte Baker, 970-980-8734


Sunday School Teachers
Contact: Kerry Kehoe, 480-998-1085 ext 117


Library Workers
Contact:  Sandra VanOrden, 780-664-1163