Board of Deacons

Deacons are charged with leading in the the care and nurture of the congregation. They organize food and other necessities for the home-bound, provide care and prayers for those who are ill or having other difficulties, make arrangements for memorial service receptions, prepare communion each month, assist elders with communion service, and respond to other needs of the congregation.  Each deacon serves a three-year term.


Class of 2017
Suzanne Black
Jeff Fowler
Susan Fowler
Dusty Loeffel
Marty Maga
Meg Stevenson
Jan Stowe
Bill Warner

Class of 2018
Julie DeBlaey
Nell Herzer
Bethany Jonas
Dean Lauer
Sandy LoBosco
Carol Richardson
Kathy Travous

Class of 2019
Cathe Ackerman
David Black
Jim Brown
Diane Elliott
Lorna Franklin
Sandy Malley
Tom Malley
Louise Romine
Jean Spanko
Tim Van Orden